Lavender Lotion Bar

Lavender Lotion Bar

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I have one of these by my kitchen sink, and it's just the cleanest and neatest moisturizer ever!  It's so nice to have a healthy and extremely effective moisturizer for dry skin (cracked heels and elbows benefit), especially when you live in a dry climate. 

I love that the bar can be used as a hand cream or a body lotion, and that it's safe and healing for all ages. 

Although it looks like soap, remember this is a handful of solid lotion!


- very moisturizing
- reconditions and softens your skin
- soothes skin irritations (eczema, rashes, etc.)
- heals cracked hands and feet
- antioxidant
- can last up to six months
- easy to travel with

- 100% plant based
- gluten free
- cruelty free
- sustainably made off grid

When the lotion bar is all used up (takes a long time), there will not be a bottle remaining to throw away. The lotion bars are wrapped in 100% recycled Kraft paper and the ribbons are reusable fabric.

How to use/store
Set the lotion bar on a dish and apply to skin as needed. 

safflower oil*, sweet almond oil, raw, wild-crafted shea nut butter, pure unrefined beeswax, calendula extract*, vitamin E, essential oil 

Additional benefits (that is, what's left out of this product)
- NO petroleum based preservatives 
- NO synthetics, colors, or emulsifiers
- NO harsh chemicals 
- NO alcohols