Tea Party

Hello again, my Lovelies! 

If, when you hear or see the words 'Tea Party' you are immediately reminded of little girls pretending to have tea, then it is time for some enlightenment: Tea Parties are not just for kids. Tea Parties were originally meant to be a get together, where one enjoyed good tea and good food, along with sparkling conversation. 

What better way to catch up with one's friends (and okay, yes, there was a bit of gossip quite often) than a hot cup of tea (or, if it's summertime, I can heartily recommend Thai Iced Tea to keep cool) and a treat? There are many delights one could serve--cucumber sandwiches, eclairs, tarts, cookies, watercress sandwiches, macarons--the list, while not endless, is extensive enough that one would never get bored with the same old, same old.

If you want to start a trend, learn to make your very own macarons, beginning with Lady Lavender's favorite flavor--Lavender, of course.  Simply use a few drops of your new Lavender Essential Oil for a taste of the divine (you should also keep Lavender Essential Oil in the kitchen for burns and scalds--it positively works wonders for instant pain elimination).

Nowadays, there are many brands and blends of teas to suit just about every palate, and here are some recommendations, in no particular order: Twining's of London, Republic of Tea, Harney & Sons, Tea Forte, and, because my father is excessively fond of their Vanilla Rooibos, Celestial Seasonings.

If you have any suggestions to add, please comment below. Or, if you wish for something a little different, tea is not the only beverage one can serve: champagne, sparkling cider, juice--whatever seems to be the right fit.

In short, my Lovelies, tea parties were meant to be delightfully fun for all ages. 

Until next time, 

Lady Rose

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