My Ablutions, My Darling

Dear Dearest,

I’m a great believer in getting creative juices going with my simple morning “ablutions” (I love that word, and That Girl Rebekah, aka Lady Rose--in the pic). 

There’s something vitalizing about putting on a bit of make-up over a gently cleansed face, using, inhaling and applying a few drops of essential oil (Lavender Essential Oil works beautifully for deodorant), dressing in a nicely ironed natural-fabric shirt and right-fitting jeans, and choosing the right earrings.  Then there’s my watch which makes me feel, somehow, in charge of time.

But I don't want to be managed by time, or a slave to anything.  I simply want a clear and happy mind so I can co-create with God, whatever is on His agenda.  And I find that is greatly enhanced with the His great gift--Rosewood Essential Oil.  I can actually feel my creative juices begin stirring as I inhale deeply of this marvelous oil.

But let us return to putting on (or not) make-up over a gently cleansed face.  Let me add that in a climate such as mine (8,000 ft. High Desert) the very best of skin care is essential.  By very best I mean a skin-nourishing, hydrating, and beautifying  cream, which is the first order of business.  Having used many creams and skin care regimes through the years, I can say that if you have thin, dry, delicate skin as do I, you will love the feel and effects of Red Wine Rose Petal Moisturizer at night that is.  

Treat yourself, Dearest, in your ablutions, and you will be a treat to others.

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