Bedroom to Boudoir

I want to have speaks with you, Dearest, about transforming your bedroom into your boudoir.  A bedroom may be little more than a place to sleep, ah but a boudoir--a boudoir is a place of rest, and not just at night.  A boudoir is a place of beauty in romance.  So, open those windows and let nature breeze in as you take everything non-boudoir out!  Put it in a stack, closet or car trunk even--somewhere out of sight for now, because right now you're about making the place where you both begin and end every day in possibility and peace. 

First let's get practical:  wash those linens, make that bed, open those windows! 

Now for the really fun parts:  Make liberal use of your  Lavender Linen Spray when you also tuck your Lavender Bud Sachet into your lingerie drawer (we'll discuss this drawer or its lack, in another letter).

As the sun goes down light your Lavender and Orange Soy Candle.  If you're going to be sleeping in a strange place be sure to bring your Lavender Travel Candle for a multitude of benefits, including a clean and relaxing scent, as well as cheer and coziness (travel time is also when you'll want your stress smashing Lavender Eye Pillow and your Lavender Essential Oil and in the morning you'll want to use your Rosewood Essential Oil)

Now let us begin evening ablutions (also to be discussed in another letter).

If you are tempted to think all this boudoir business is romantic nonsense, let me assure you it's emminently sensible to sandwich the day's trials with a fresh beginning and a sweet ending.


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