A Gift Your Wife Will Actually Like and Use--Imagine That!

Dearest of Men,

You may want a Gift Card that costs less than it's worth (yep, it's so at Lavender and Rose), because, no, she doesn't want a kitchen appliance and she doesn't want you picking out her clothes (you will forgive me if I'm mistaken here). 

She wants something that makes her feel pampered and beautiful, again and again (and you'll benefit from this!).  She wants something that she might not buy for herself, even if she knows she should.

I am speaking of such luxuries as Red Wine Rose Petal Moisturizer, along with complementing products such as Red Wine Rose Petal Cleanser, Red Wine Rose Petal Exfoliant and Masque, and a lovely finish to it all in Red Wine Rose Petal Facial Mist.

But if that doesn't seem quite enough for you, add in a gift card for some new glamour make-up items at your local department store.  Or if you want to skip all that, add our Rose Petal Rouge for cheeks and lips, and put it all in a pretty gift bag with a big red bow.  You're all set!

Are her pajamas less than lovely?  Consider a gift card at that department store, or perhaps a nice lingerie shop, and drop it in the bag with our French Lavender Collection, and our Bath Salts.  You could also include the Lavender Lotion and Body Wash Set for that little extra.

I personally can't think of a better gift than the Lavender Body and Bath Oil with a handwritten "gift card" promising a nice, long massage.

Finally, if you do include gift cards for lingerie or anything else to wear, she's sure to be happy with a Lavender Bud Sachet(s) to line her dresser drawer and/or closet, and the perfect laundry product for her new niceties--Lavender Fine Washables Soap.

So, there you have it:  perfect ideas for any girl, teenaged or older.  These are can't miss gifts.  

Thank you and Happy Sure-Bet Shopping at Lavender and Rose!

Merry Christmas,

Lady Lavender

P.S.  You can also add a Lavender and Rose Gift Card to your selections!   



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